Transition Services

Supporting School-Aged Kids

Beyond the walls of Ida Sue, the Wayne County Board of DD has worked on collaborating with all of the local schools to be resource and to grow positive outcomes for all students on Individualized Education Programs.  As the school provides the services to meet your needs until graduation, we have made ourselves available to work with families, the school’s staff, and partner agencies to help navigate and create a pathway into adulthood.  This could be to discuss eligible resources, answer questions and advocate for what your child, and you, desire for your future.

The Wayne County Board of DD has put an emphasis on transition programming, Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) as well as navigation for local individuals. In collaboration with Opportunities with Ohioans with Disabilities and other providers, the board provides vocational training and supports to any student who is on an Individual Education Program. These supports are focused in five areas and can be explored more here. Beyond this collaboration the board assists with system navigation, eligibility and access to community resources. Staff members serve as ambassadors in the school districts to answer questions, provide supports and offer education. The programs reach all of Wayne County and into surrounding county schools who may have needs in these areas. Along with the school programs the County Board offers summer programming with a focus on work for those 14 through 22 that includes transportation. There has been many partnerships developed and individuals have been able to participate in real work experiences through local business partners gaining valuable work experience.

Pre-Employment Transition Services

We are proud to partner with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and offer programming along with the aforementioned resources. Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) has been offered to any student over the age of 14 on an IEP, in any of the schools for the past few years and has grown to a point where we have created a larger list of providers assisting here in this community, and those around Wayne. Pre-ETS consists of five areas of services; Job Exploration Counseling, Work-Based Learning, Instruction in Self-Advocacy, Counseling on Post-Secondary Opportunities and Workplace Readiness Training. We encourage anyone interested in knowing more about Pre-ETS, to explore the link below or to reach out to the Transition department here at the County Board.

Pre-Employment Transition Services

We have found strength for the students in growing a network of employers and businesses where students can take tours, have a job exposure, do more extensive career exploration and hopefully find employment. The transition department strives to help individuals and families explore integration and inclusion leading to employment as a first possible outcome. Wayne County providers are then available to help reach your job goals.

We would like to thank our partners who continue to change the landscape of individual’s lives and the betterment of an entire county.

Summer Youth Vocational Camp

The Wayne County Board has expanded on school year services to also offer a summer opportunity that focuses on work and building vocational skills. Through our local businesses, youth are given chances to gain valuable work experiences while also continuing their job education by classes focusing on ideas such as soft skills, resumes, interviews, etc.

We have had students from all over the county come and explore our community. Not only have we been proud of the student’s growth, but our cities have been able to see all of the skills that could be valuable assets to their company’s future.

If you are interested please download and complete our Summer Camp Information Sheet & Form