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Welcome to Community Employment! The Wayne County Board of Developmental Disabilities has gone through many changes across the past few years.  One of these changes is the increased focus, resources and efforts for Transition Services and Community Integration.  If you are looking for more information on transition please follow our Educational Services link on our homepage.  Though transition services are largely provided for within the Community Employment Department our focus here will be on the exciting and new programs and opportunities for all individuals here in Wayne County.


Employment First:

Governor Kasich signing his Executive Order

Though the idea of community/integrated/supported employment is not a new concept in the state of Ohio it recently has become a focal point due to the Executive Order signed by Governor Kasich in March of 2012.  You can read that order here: Executive Order.  Here at the Wayne County Board of DD we believe that all individuals should have a placement to work in the community, earning at least minimum wage, as their first choice (not only choice) of service should they desire it. We are working hard to build resources, to develop partners in the community and to find jobs for all those that express this dream to their support teams.


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